About NEFA

Bringing Knowledge, Expertise, and Sensitivity

Our expert staff is available to provide a wide range of psychological services to both individuals and couples. We have been working to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities since 1985.

Our services include Psychotherapy and Behavior Therapy Treatment, Complete Forensic and Statutory Evaluations, Psychosexual Evaluations, Risk Assessments, Psychometric Laboratory Assessment, Professional Consultation, and Expert Witness Testimony.

We offer consultation to and work with defense attorneys, district attorneys, mental health professionals, private companies, and professional organizations.

In addition to traditional psychotherapy and behavior therapy, we offer specialized treatment programs that focus on pedophilia, sexual impulse control problems, and Internet pornography use. The treatment modalities offered are individual behavior therapy and psychotherapy, psychoeducational groups, and referrals for psychopharmacological interventions.

Spanish speaking psychologists are available for evaluation and treatment.