Specialized Treatment Programs

Professional Sexual Misconduct

The Professional Sexual Misconduct program addresses inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. This program emphasises appropriate impulse control and management as well as maintining appropriate professional boundaries.

NEFA is affiliated with Dr. Gene Abel’s National Network For The Treatment Of Professional Sexual Misconduct. The National Network facilitates the evaluation, treatment, and monitoring of such persons, to protect children, patients, and clients, and where appropriate and safe, to assist such professionals to return to practice under strict supervision and monitoring.

Sexual Impulse Control Problems

NEFA has developed a specific treatment program for previously hard-to-treat behaviors such as exhibitionism, and those persons who struggle with the use of phone sex, internet pornography, child pornography, or other sexual addictions. Treating these sexual problems in a group, or just by medications alone, are not usually effective in preventing relapse, and a more multi-modal approach must be used.

Child Sexual Abuse

This program focuses on structure and close monitoring to bring abusive urges under immediate control using behavior therapy and learning of relapse prevention strategies and developing greater victim empathy, before addressing the development of stable, appropriate and non-exploitative, adult functioning.