Attorney Testimonials

Read what attorneys are saying about NEFA:

“NEFA provides high quality therapy and forensic assessments. Accordingly, their psychologists and therapists are among the most well-respected in the field and in the court system. Their interest is always in the patient. They understand the entire criminal justice system, which is vital when seeking a trustworthy assessment or therapeutic environment. Given that so few doctors are willing to engage in a patient’s legal needs, NEFA stands out as sincerely working to help their clients.”

— Eric Tennen, Swomley & Tennen, LLP

“NEFA is widely recognized and respected for their expertise and the quality of their therapy, but their ability to provide a caring adjunct to help navigate the difficult and threatening environment of the court system is second to none.

Over the past 10 years, NEFA has evaluated and/or treated dozens of my clients, always in the most professional and ethical manner. Whether providing therapeutic intervention, expert testimony, aid-in-sentencing or other forensic evaluations, I know that their talented clinicians will assist my clients competently and compassionately, and the outcomes have borne this out.”

— Sondra Schmidt, Attorney

“As an attorney whose clients frequently use the services of New England Forensic Associates, both for counseling and for receiving evaluations that might eventually be considered in a legal situation by a court or even the Sex Offender Registry, the work of NEFA remarkably sets a standard in professionalism that is nothing less than extraordinary.

Judges and hearing examiners have actually remarked about how impressed they are with NEFA’s work because its comprehensive and detailed evaluations are so balanced and fair in their consideration of every aspect of a client that they have a particular credibility in helping the judge better understand the client.

Yet, in addition to helping the client be better understood and therefore get the best results possible in a legal situation, what strikes me most about NEFA is how caring my clients report the staff to be. They relay to me again and again that the individual staffers take an almost uncommon interest in bringing them up to the best attainable mental and emotional health and act, not only as their therapists, but also as their individual champions.”

Peter Elikann