Psychological Evaluation

New England Forensic Associates performs many different types of forensic, statutory, and clinical evaluations, each of which is tailored to the individual’s specific needs and circumstances.

An initial intake assessment is conducted to determine evaluation and/or treatment needs and goals. During or after a course of treatment, follow-up psychological testing can be conducted to empirically assess the effectiveness of treatment.

In legal cases, psychological evaluation and testing can assist attorneys and The Courts in determining how to proceed with a particular case; addressing questions of competence to stand trial, criminal responsibility, or risk/dangerousness.

Evaluation post-adjudication can assist with appropriate assessment of risk and subsequent dangerousness classification, if necessary.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments are evaluations conducted to address a specific sexual or violence risk consideration and/or to make treatment recommendations.

Risk Assessments can include laboratory assessment of clinical disorders, sexual interest, and sexual arousal, as well as an average of 2-5 hours of clinical interviews, review of records, review of testing results, interpretation of such, and the final report writing.

Statutory Evaluation

NEFA provides competence and criminal responsibility evaluations as well as aid-in-sentencing evaluations. These evaluations can be conducted in our Arlington offices or in an institutional setting such as a hospital or prison.

Complete Forensic Psychosexual Evaluation

Complete Forensic Psychosexual Evaluations are often essential in preparing proper legal cases, designing treatment plans, or to make determinations about deviant behaviors.

Complete Evaluations include all aspects of a Risk Assessment as well as additional testing and interviews, as determined by the evaluator, geared to the special needs of each client. Such additional testing may include a full range of adult or juvenile actuarial inventories and other objective and projective psychological tests to address specific diagnostic problem areas (e.g. substance abuse, anger, trauma, anti-social personality and neurological deficits). A more extensive review of legal and medical records is also included in this type of evaluation.

Other evaluations

We also offer evaluations for:

  • Anger Management
  • Substance Abuse